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Last spring, the powerful advocacy of our Marjory Stoneman Douglas (MSD) classmates and young victims of gun violence around the country created new energy among Americans to confront the easy availability of military-style automatic weapons, illegal guns, and high capacity magazines, while highlighting that young people are potent and persuasive advocates for change.

Now, working with teachers and students all over the country, MSD students are calling for a national student-led forum on gun safety and safe schools that will take place in Washington D.C. October 20-21 to create a national agenda to address gun violence, ignite support on across the country, encourage young people to vote, and show the world that young people have the power to make change.

A committee of national student leaders committed to reducing gun violence as well as educators will attend the conference and virtual participation will be available for students who can’t attend.

Our primary goal will be to review existing student plans to reduce gun violence and combine them into a single “Students’ Bill of Rights” on school safety, along with a corresponding action plan. The Students’ Bill of Rights will be used by our classmates across the country as an organizing document for civic engagement activity focused on reducing the gun violence that has affected far too many young lives.